About Us

Headquartered in Delaware, Ohio, we service clients from throughout the greater region. We have a reputation for being reliable and trusted. Experience in the industry for over 35 years. Familiar with manufacturing, medical, supply chain, and warehousing needs and applications.

Our Products and Services

Bag Products

Bags products consist of all poly bags used by manufacturers, fulfillment centers, shipping areas, medical, warehouse facilities and packaging applications.

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Pallet Products

Pallet products consist of methods for palletizing products. Also, films and strapping products.

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Label Products

Label products consist of products to identify your packaging and shipping requirements. We also provide the means to produce these products via several label printer options.

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Custom Products

If your company utilizes custom poly products or custom labels , you may submit your specifications by clicking the make order tab. After receiving the information,we will contact you.

Custom poly products consist of any poly material with possibly a special size, thickness or printing layout. Custom labels consist of any label material or substrate, size , or printing layout.


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