Healthcare Poly Liners

    • Blend of virgin LLD polyethylene with a metallocene additive.
    • Certified to exceed 480 grams tear resistance (ASTM D1922)
    • 165 grams impact resistance(ASTM D1709)
    • Required by D.O.T. Reg. 173.197 for the transportation of medical waste.
    • Biohazard infectious waste liners contain a red color additive and are preprinted with a
      Biohazard symbol. These feature a bottom or star sealed construction.
    • Minimum Qty of 8 Cases

Biohazard Bags And Chemotherapy Bags

    • 100 % virgin low and linear low-density polyethylene
    • Printed with biohazard symbol
    • Printed with chemotherapy symbol
    • Zip top 2 mil and 4 mil