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Our products are distributed to manufacturers and warehouse facilities for the purpose of providing packaging solutions and product identification and shipping solutions.

Tape Products

Masking Tape

A pressure sensitive tape made of easy to tear paper and pressure sensitive adhesive. Utilized in industrial applications and painting.

Filament Tape

Filament tape or strapping tape is a pressure-sensitive tape used for several packaging functions such as closing corrugated fiberboard boxes, reinforcing packages, bundling items, pallet unitizing, etc.

Poly Tapes

Polyethylene tape is a type of tape which has a polyethylene backing with a rubber adhesive. This is used for many general purpose applications, including Sealing, Color coding, Protecting, and Moisture proofing.

Gum Tape

Water-activated tape, also known as gummed tape, is a form of paper tape with a water-based chemical adhesive that is reactivated by water.

Custom Tapes

Specialty tapes can be used in a wide variety of application such as assembly, bonding, masking and splicing requirements. They include adhesive solutions on a variety of films, foam, paper and tissue substrates.

Pallet Products

Semi-auto Wrappers

Semi-automatic wrappers require an operator to place the pallet loads on the wrapper and initiate the stretch wrapping cycle. The machine applies the stretch film and wraps the pallet to your specifications. Ten pallets per day wrapping requirements can justify a pallet wrapper.

Machine Stretch Wrap

Stretch film derived from the cast extrusion process on rolls for the stretch wrap machine applications. Available in 20” widths up to 80” widths. Available in colors, and specialty resins for strength and integrity. Available in a wide range of gauges and lengths from 5000’ to 9000’.

Hand Held PreStretch Stretch Wrap

Stretch film used for applications where no semi-automatic equipment is required. Available in both cast and blown extrusion processes. Multiple widths and gauges in stock to fit your needs.

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Multipurpose & Conventional Stretch Hand Wrap

Stretch film used for applications where no semi-automatic equipment is required. Available in both cast and blown extrusion processes. Multiple widths and gauges in stock to fit your needs.

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Pallet Bags & Covers

Available in traditional low-density polyethylene and engineered via renewable energy processes. Products are perforated sheeting on rolls, pallet top sheeting, gaylord liners and pallet top covers, black uvi/uva. Stocked gauges from1.25 mil to 4 mil thickness.

Construction Films

Ideal as a vapor barrier or drop cloth. Construction film and agriculture film is available in continuous rolls of low-density polyethylene. Available in clear, black and natural (transparent white). Available in 60 stock sizes.

Specialty Films

Shrink bundling film with superior clarity, tensile strength and puncture resistance for bundling applications. Stocked in 2 mil in five sizes. Pallet shrink bags provided in 5 sizes of 4 mil material. Custom poly bags provided in gauges .75 mil to 8 mil and from 4” to 150” wide. Colors, special additives and random and registered printing is also available.

Miscellaneous Products

Plastic Strapping

Polypropylene strapping for hand tool and semi-automatic strapping equipment. Strapping is available in black and white and various widths and lengths and thicknesses. Tools and banding machines provided.

Steel Strapping

Steel strapping provided in multiple widths, thickness and tensile strength.

Packing List Envelopes

All stock sizes and make-up available.

Stock & Pre-printed Tags

Stock manila tags, multiple sizes, and thickness. Custom tags: premium materials, colors, barcodes, clothing, hang tags, die cut and other custom solutions.

Label Products

Thermal Transfer

Stocked thermal transfer and thermal labels. Available in multiple substrates and sizes. Custom die cuts provided and specialized pre-printed verbiage and logos to your specifications. U.L. labels and RFID labels provided.

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Laser Labels

Stocked laser labels available in multiple sizes and configurations. Provided with specialized adhesives, colors, and pre-printed to your specifications.

Preprinted Labels

Provided in variable printing, sequential and random numbering, barcoding, flexo, and digital. Shrink sleeves provided in full body, combo packs, and tamper evident. Labels put up on rolls or sheets. Digital labels available in medium to short runs that have no plate or tooling charges. Wide format and screen printing also available.

Thermal Transfer Printers

Provide thermal transfer and thermal label printers. Compact desktop printers utilized in healthcare, retail, manufacturing and transportation industries. High performance industrial thermal transfer printers available in standard sizes for high-speed printing and label design. Standard label printing software provided for label design and databases.

Label Dispensers

Manual and semi-automatic dispensers provided. Popular for manufacturing, assembly, fulfillment and packaging.


Thermal transfer ribbons in all stock sizes and lengths. Available in wax for standard printing, wax/resin for resistance to chemicals on paper and synthetics and resin for ultimate durability against chemicals and heat of synthetics. Ribbons provided for most printer manufacturers.

Plastic Film Bags

Stock Bags

Layflat poly bags provided in 900 stock sizes, 1 mil to 6 mil thickness, open-ended. Gusseted poly bags provided in 150 stock sizes, 1 mil to 4 mil. Pre-opened poly bags for automated machines, available 1.5 mil to 4 mil. Refer to custom bags category.

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Poly tubing is manufactured wound flat or gusseted on 3” cores. Approximately 120 stock sizes, 1.5 mil to 6 mil.

Furniture/Mattress Bags

Furniture covers in rolls, 1 mil , 3 mil and 4 mil. Custom sizes available.

Poly Liners

Can liners provided in approximately 200 stock sizes. Available are linear low-density liners, heavyweight liners, high-density liners, healthcare liners, soiled linen liners and dust collectors. Vacuum pouches and wickeded bags also available.

Printed Bags

Capable of printing poly bags to your specifications. Stock images are available. Refer to custom products drop down and advise your custom requirements.

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Poly mailers, 2.5 mil, co-extruded, opaque. Bags have white exterior and silver interior. Returnable poly mailers with tear strip and adhesive strip. Postal approved lip and tape bags. Polypropylene lip and tape bags, 1.6 mil.

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Foam Sheets & Pouches

Manufactured from stock PE foam and microfoam. Products available are bubble sheets, bubble pouches, PE foam sheets and pouches. Customized print is available. Die cuts, slits and vent holes are provided. Tapes and adhesives and viable options.

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